Some of my Creations

I LOVE to bake!

My mom use to bake Birthday cakes for everyone when we were growing up, and I think the image of us sitting on the kitchen floor cleaning out the mixing bowl for every last drop of cake batter we could get on to our little fingers, is one of those happy memories that will always have you smiling…and baking, in my case.

I bake for anyone and everyone that asks! And love trying new ideas!

Here are a few of my older creations:

Megan koek1
Madhatter Cake
– mushrooms / stars / leaves are all hand-made
This cake had me in tears
– my card men were a disaster
and I couldn’t use them…by far my most difficult
and a true test of everything! But learned so
much with this attempt and was such a fun cake
I’d do it again!

IMG-20130412-00305Fairy Cake
Fairy Barbie
– each leaf hand-made and painted!
This project was for a friend at work’s daughter…
My first ever try at anything girly (I only have boys)…and the project that tested my self-doubt from beginning to end.
But everyone loved it in the end, especially the girls and it made me want to have a girl!!

My famous        IMG-20130412-00302

My cookie/caramel/coffee/flake layer cake
Mine and all friends and family’s favorite and most requested
This cake is just layer and layer of yummy-ness…and oh so easy!

These are some ideas I have randomly come across and are on my ‘To try List’

Death by Chocolate FunFun Colour IdeaGirly Fun2Kit Kat idea


Send me some of your own creations or ideas – would love to share.