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What it Takes by Terry Tyler


Book Blurb

“A tale of three sisters…
Karen Kavanagh has spent her life feeling like the runt of the family.
Her two elder sisters, domestic goddess Ava and salon owner Saskia, are mini versions of their mother, a gorgeous Danish beauty. Karen had inherited her father’s droopy, dull brown hair and long nose – pitted against two Scandinavian sauna babes, she feels like Cinderella in reverse.
Danny Alvarez doesn’t see her like that. He thinks she’s wonderful.
Lots of woman want Danny, but Danny just wants Karen.
He pursues her with the devotion of a stalker – but she pushes him away. Then she realises what she’s done…”

“We always knew we were going to have problems with my sister Karen.
She was difficult even as a child.”
…the opening chapter already had me hooked.

Karen is that one friend that all of us have, the seemingly over-sensitive one that’s sometimes a little dramatic, obsessive and even a bit crazy, and you can’t help but like her.
i found myself holding my breath a few times though, wondering – oh no, Karen really is crazy…especially after the ‘the incident’…

I like that the story is told from different characters points of view – it gives the reader a personal connection to each of them and has you rooting for (or love-to-hate) them separately, yet together at the same time.

Real characters with well written characteristics and human flaws – filled with heart ache and lough out loud humor, it’s definitely a little more than just your normal Romance read.

I really enjoyed the book and her writing style – she’s won me over as a fan with this one and I’ll definitely be reading more from this talented author!


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