….the way it rolls….

So very very true!

Murmers of a Wandering Soul

Time seems to be flying past, leaving us reeling, hardly breathing, trying to just stay on top of the day. It seems like ties and commitments are being left behind at stations that we hurtle past on this runaway train of life and time…

I’ve always felt myself drawn to small, uncomplicated areas and lately I find myself longing for even smaller than my hometown of Veldrif…not sure I would find something smaller…we don’t even boast a traffic light…just the way we like it. Visions of living an uncomplicated life, sustaining family and friends on what you put into the ground and barter with neighbours. Kids growing up free spirits and close to source and nature….so much more nurturing that the current technologically overdrive state that we find ourselves in. Sounds romantic but the practicalities of our perceived needs keep us chained to chasing through each day, battling to crawl…

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