Special kinda special …

So our youngest (5) recently had his tonsils taken out … what a bonding experience for all the parents in that room, being thrust into that slightly horrible and very scary situation together – and as I watched the four sets of parents in the room with us, I realized again that we as parents, are just a special kinda special.

The couple next to us’ little girl is in my son’s school, though two years younger, and they are about the same age as us. We talked a little, about nothing and everything, though never once asking names or particulars, and as their daughter was wheeled off to theater and they could finally have a cup of coffee and something to eat – none of us had eaten or had anything to drink because the kids are not allowed anything before theater – we heard the woman and man next to us place their food orders, and he must have asked her something and she turned to him and said “If you don’t know that after four years, then you’ll never know” … and my husband almost burst out laughing! How many times have I not uttered those same words to him; from something as simple as ordering the correct toasted sandwich and coffee when we’re on the road, to the more serious things as when and when NOT to approach me about certain things … but no matter how much they love us, and how much they care, they never seem to master the task of just knowing.


… though we sometimes expect men to also just know … almost impossible task, and we love them anyway.

But the real test of your relationship comes when he ‘wakes-up’ from the anesthesia the first time, disorientated and completely bewildered – that’s when you see what those couples are made of; like moving, or building or redecorating … it takes you completely out of your comfort zone.
The things some of those kids say are just so hilarious!
And yes, when they finally come out of theater you almost cry with relief – though it’s a different cry to the almost sob when they go in and you to let them go alone – and by the time they’re back in their room and in full ‘after-anesthesia-ninja-mode’ (as myself and my husband now call it) the relief hasn’t yet worn off and you can’t help but laugh at some of their rantings and antics.

When I came out after a recent opp, my first words to FJ, my husband, were that I was apparently worried about him because he had been sitting there waiting for me to come out of theater, and I was concerned that there was no grass or lawn for him to mow and neaten … yes, laugh it up, the nurses were apparently hosing themselves. But they don’t know him like I do; he’s a busy body, and we live on a farm where there is always something for him to do, and he never sits still …
… our five year old’s words to him – ‘why aren’t you just smart enough to know that I was going to want water … please Daddy, I’m asking so nicely, I just want a little bit more water …”
Shame, we could only laugh between the tears and hug him – after which he did another few ninja moves and told us to stop laughing at him, and then passed out again …whew.

My point is, in times like those, you realize how small your children actually still are, because when he’s on the quad driving like a pro or helping his dad work, he doesn’t seem small, he’s actually a bit of a wise-ass, but there in that hospital bed in his pj’s and in ‘ninja-mode’, their still our little babies, and we’re a special kinda special for having been blessed to share our lives with them.

If you have any funny ‘ninja-mode’ stories, please share!

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