Is that really insanity…or just a loser’s game…?

 Keep on doing the same old thing, and you expecting change.
Well is that really insanity, or just a losers’ game?

Well now, slap me with an empty bottle of wine…that’s such a wonderfully, extraordinary complex question that it actually makes we want to scream, cry, laugh and shake my head at the same time…

How many of us are guilty of exactly that – we beat our heads against the same walls and trip over the same damn mole hills, and then turn around with another bruise and wonder, ‘why does that always happen?’…or the really lazy people look around and find someone to blame…oh we can sometimes be such simple little creatures us humans…

So after my ‘ah ha moment’ (that’s a nice way of saying life body slammed me into awakening) earlier this year (link to life is a game) I have now decided that I’m going to start paying attention to those ‘running-into-walls-and-tripping-over-mole-hills’ habits that I seemed to have accumulated over time, and do something about them!
There is so much I still want to achieve and try, even if it’s just once, that I definitely don’t have time to waste on the same old things anymore…or the same old people and their same old ‘drag-me-down-with-them attitudes!



They say life is a battlefield
I say bring it on
If you wanna know how I feel
Live it till it’s gone
I’m just saying that what don’t kill, only makes you strong
If you don’t recognize what is real
Then forever is a long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long Time

Keep on doing the same old thing
And you expecting change
Well is that really insanity
Or just a losers’ game?

Usher – Numb


Let me know what your Spring Resolution is for 2014!


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