Why…oh why…


Why…oh why…can someone please tell me why…

…do all the idiots on the road seem to come out and target your car the one day that you’re really late, had almost no sleep and have ABSOLUTELY NO PATIENCE!?

Can I have a WUSAAAA…


I’m quite a tiny little person, 1.62m, 55kg, but put me behind the wheel of a car and my husband says I turn into a 7ft rally car driving gladiator with gahoonaz bigger than Hercules himself!


It’s become a running joke in our circle, and I’m sure some of our more daring friends have a bet going on what age I’ll reach before I end up succumbing to my road rage…but alas, I’ve kept myself in check thus far and the personal liability insurance has not yet been needed…but really, has anyone ever considered doing research on how many people there are on the road today that can actually drive? – and I mean, the get into your car because you need to get from Point A to Point B kind of driving, not the get into your car, taking what seems to be a leisurely drive around town, using every possible mobile electronic device you can buy, except for the INDICATORS (that actually come with the car) while you’re supposed to be driving…



Get to work at 6.55 – 5min to spare, and there is no power; which means no coffee and no heater in my office…so now I’m pissed off at the idiot drivers, I’m tired, I’m cold AND I CANT HAVE COFFEE OR TURN ON MY COMPUTER! …and then the ‘office idiot’ will walk in and say something stupid like…Good Morning! Did you have a good weekend…and all I can do is bang my head against my imaginary wall and ask WHY…of WHY…

2 hours later, I’ve had my coffee, heat and computer is on…idiot drivers long forgotten, vented…and now I can carry on with my day…

Happy week to you all! 🙂


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