Everything is gonna be alright now…

…Everything’s gonna be alright now

I know there has to be at least a few of you that smiled, grimaced or squealed and started jumping up and down in recognition – so if you remember the song, find it, download it, put it on full blast and sing it with me!

Everything’s gonna be alright now
Everything’s gonna be alright
Get down stay up all night now
Let’s do this one more time
Everything will be alright
Everything will be alright alright
All I wanna do is kick the welfare, all I wanna do is get my share
All I wanna do is kick the welfare, all I wanna do is get my share
And I don’t wanna run for the president,
I just want an honest way to pay my rent
And I’m tired of the man always shuttin’ us down,
Tired of my old man ’cause he’s never around
And I’m tired of eating off of other people’s plates,
And I don’t look important, so they’re tellin’ me to wait
Police records said they wouldn’t exist,
I wanna know the meaning of a Christmas list
Said all I wanna do is kick the welfare,
All I wanna do is get my share,
All I wanna do is make somethin’ from nothin’,
It’s GC baby and we’re workin’ with somethin’,


“Waldorf Worldwide”

..But let me start from the beginning; the new blog post from Tinkerbelle : Don’t Look Back, The Past Has Nothing to Say popped into my inbox and as I read it, my inner self started jumping up and down as her hand shot up in the air and her pony tails swung violently and she shouted “Me Too! Me Too!”

Tinkerbelle writes: … ‘I felt myself wanting to turn back to hold my younger self’s hand and tell her everything would feel better soon.’

…such simple, but profound words! I would love to be able to do that…right after I was done laughing my ass off, then shaking my head and rolling my eyes at my younger self…only then could I possibly try and tell her it’s all going to be ok – and I’d have to find a way to do it so she would actually listen – cause the blond, 30yr old version of me now with my office wear, diplomas and authoritive voice is not someone I could see myself paying any attention to when I was younger…and that’s when I thought of the Good Charlotte song! (I still have this CD in my car – love it!) and the ‘Rebels without (much)of a cause’ we use to be…and I had to laugh again…and then cringe a little as I realize we become somewhat of a hypocrite when we become parents…

Most of us do not want our kids to be little ‘rebels’; we’re strict about rules and discipline, we encourage our kids to reach their full potential on all levels and we want them to be the best they can be…so why the double standards? I’m sure our parents wanted the same for us, though that is NOT what we were thinking when we were singing this song and saying things like “Damn the man…Save the Empire” (Empire Records) hahaha…yes, one of my favourite movies, just had to throw it in there.

…so maybe the ‘rebel’ stage was actually a learning platform, I learned some valuable lessons by falling flat on my face…REALLY valuable –never doing/trying that again-lessons.

So after I spent another half hour listening to GC, Riot girl was one of my favourites, it really got me thinking what I would tell my younger self…and if I would change anything…and I came to the conclusion that I would not want to change a thing…mistakes and all…and that my older self was probably there from time to time to encourage me and let me know everything was going to be ok, but in a non-intrusive, not swaying me from my path kinda way…and that made me smile, because right now, there’s probably an even older version of me somewhere in my life, telling me again that I don’t have to hold my breath and say a little prayer every time I look at my kids, because everything’s going to work out just the way it’s supposed to…and everything will be alright…(singing GC again…J)

Little rebels

2 thoughts on “Everything is gonna be alright now…

  1. There is always an older version holding our thoughts and hearts together while we blunder through the ages….there is also a younger version of us reminding us that blundering is bliss!


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