Hallo scary blog world…

This is the story of a girl, who cried a river and drowned the whole world…

…Just kidding (though i do love the song)

I have a …um…an idea or a vision, i guess…saying I have a dream just makes me feel like I’m trying to compete with the great Dr King, and my dream is nothing as amazing as saving my people…Madiba already did that for our country (Rest in peace Tata) …my dream is much simpler and more self-centered than that.

I have an obsession with the concept ‘why’…i always want to know why – why do people do the things they do, what made their brain tell them to do it differently than someone else…why do they react in certain ways…why why why…i dont judge, i just want to (or need to, rather) understand the reasoning behind human behaviour (in a non-technical kinda way) and not understanding it can frustrate and consume me…

…so i want to enter a ‘bigger world’, a world outside my circle of friends, family and colleagues, and compare notes and discuss the why’s about everything…from the silly and mundane to the absolutely crazy and unbelievable.

i just wanne know why…and if i meet a few great people along the way and learn a ton of new things BONUS 🙂



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